A partnership between Alchemy and local High Schools

Student Short created by: Eliah Garcia from the Fall '16 SOTA Skate Class. 

It has long been a dream of Alchemy's to see skateboarding accepted and taught in mainstream curriculum and now with the help of local high schools that dream is becoming a reality. Currently there are two Skate Classes being offered at SAMI (Science and Math Institute) and one through SOTA (School of the Arts) but we are working very hard to try and expand this incredible curriculum to other high schools in our district. 


The current class works in two ways. Firstly, students get to experience skateboarding first hand, earning P.E. credit while they learn all the basics of pushing, stopping, navigating urban environments, and complicated maneuvers for more advanced students. Secondly, our custom made curriculum focuses on the history of skateboarding, and is aimed to give students a firm grasp on the past so that they better understand the present. The history component is separated into two categories: The Physical History, how tricks and boards have evolved over time, as well as The Cultural History, how has skateboarding been accepted and marginalized by popular culture and mainstream society. By teaching the history, students learn how and why board sports have been misunderstood and under-supported by mainstream communities for so long and are then equipped with the tools and resources to reach out and change that.  Final projects for the class are hands-on and immersive, including: Ramp design and construction, logo design and T-shirt printing experience, and longboard design and shaping. 

This class is always evolving and changing to fit the needs of each new group of students who take the course. 

Below is a link to a video part created by BBC Pop Up spotlighting Alchemy's Skate Class program from back in 2015! 

BBC Pop UP: "Tacoma Skateboarding School Mixes Hip With History" 

Currently Skate Class is offered at Two Local high Schools.

SOTA Skate Class

"Skateboarding Citizenship"

SAMI Skate Class

"Skateboarding as Urban Transportation"