The House built on the Grind


The Grit City Grindhouse is back and better than ever as a fully functional skate shop AND training center for youth in our programs to practice their alchemy and build job skills in the real world. 


WEDNESDAY 11am-6pm


Shop Line: (253) 345 7247
(Please be patient when calling as our phones are difficult to hear during busy skate sessions)

Now that the Grindhouse is an official part of Alchemy it is functioning as an innovative new program opportunity for Alchemy, our participants, and the public. Every purchase you make in the store directly helps support all of the youth programs and drop-in hours we provide to the community. Not only will we be working to bring the best skate gear and service to you, but the Grindhouse is an opportunity for youth in our programs to volunteer for community service hours while learning new skills related to customer service, inventory management/merchandising, point of sale and cash handling, to marketing and design skills related to our in-house brand!