A city-Wide Celebration of Skateboarding

Go Skate Tacoma is a celebration of the creativity and passion that skateboarding encourages, and to promote that every year we will transform Tollefsen Plaza into a “skateboarding wonderland” full of interesting obstacles and ramps for skaters of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. This annual event happens the Saturday closest to June 21st (International Go Skate Day).  

The Go Skate Tacoma event is unique in that not only are there competitions for skaters to showcase their skills and compete for prizes, but also free learn to skate camps for youth and first timers. We designed this as a fun event for EVERYONE, skaters and non-skaters alike congregate to share in the fun of skateboarding!

GO SKATE TACOMA 2017 is Coming! 

JUNE 17th 2017 @9:00

Apply to be a volunteer today! Click the button above to fill out your application and we will contact with your volunteer position!

Event Activities for this year include: 

-Grad-U-Skate Ceremony: Recognizing all those in the skate community who have achieved academic success by graduating middle school, high school, GED completion, or College/Technical programs!  Sign up to have your achievement recognized here!  

-Commencement Push: A group ride through downtown Tacoma to Tollefsen Plaza to kick off the days festivities! 

-Free Skate Camps: 100+ kids will have the opportunity to learn to skate with us receiving guidance from our experienced skate instructors! 

-Competitions: Some competitions planned for this year's event include: Big Air Best Trick on the Mini Mega, Park Slalom Race through the park, Highest Kick Turn on the Vert Wall, Best Trick Off the Blocks, and Hippie Jump/High Ollie. 

-Moment of Change: Taking a moment to show the positive difference skaters in our community are making! We are spotlighting the METALS program which is helping support youth transitioning out of the Pierce County Juvenile Court System. 

Video Re-Cap of 2016 GST by SALT '16 member Richard Medlock (Youtube: "Positive Changes")

This year we took down the N0 skateboarding sign with the help of council member Marty Campbell. Video by Nolan Wilson. 

2014's Go Skate Tacoma Event Video by Nolan Wilson. 

Go Skate Day, Tacoma 2011, Including best-trick contest on the big steps, and celebrating the legalization of skateboarding in downtown Tacoma!  June 21, 2011 featuring music by wheelies & Brent Fellows. Video by Kris Crews