Salt ‘18-’19 Cohort

This year in SALT we’re focusing on the progression and concentration on the fundamentals of skateboarding. With guidance in leadership and team building, we strive to make this one of the most beneficial years for our young leaders. Working together with the community to clean and maintain our local parks, funding projects with community youth and outreach programs, also having fun riding our boards. Have fun getting to know some of our young board scholars!


Rain Mcmillen

Rain is a local from Vashon. As a freshman at VHS, skating is important to him because you can do it anyway you want and no one can make you skate a certain way. He’s chosen to do SALT because it was a good excuse to be in the Alchemy atmosphere, learn more about skateboarding and help out the skate community.

Jesse o’ravez

Jesse is a 17 year old from Tacoma,WA who’s favorite skater is jaws. His favorite kind of music is progressive rock and He’s in SALT because its something to do and he likes skating. If he could change one thing in his life it’d be his french grade. His favorite activity outside of skating is playing the clarinet in the school band at Wilson.


Katy hassing


jason paterson


alex adorno

asher moon


alice bommer

grace woolston


koren anderson


rain mcmillen


henry brown