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Empowering youth

through skateboarding


Providing opportunities for Youth to Learn and Grow through skateboarding

Alchemy Skateboarding is a small 501-c3 dedicated to empowering our city's youth through educational skateboard programs, experiential learning opportunities, a safe and dry skate facility, and mentorship. We believe that skateboarding naturally promotes and teaches: confidence, creativity, determination, grit, and the importance of fun. Despite all the good that skateboarding has to offer, it still exists on the fringes of our community, and is not positively approached or encouraged.  We are constantly inspired and humbled by the passion that skateboarders share world wide and have made it our goal to support them on their journey and provide a framework and structure for them to improve the quality of their own lives, and the lives of everyone in our communities. 

Tacoma's Only Indoor Skate Facility


Drop-In Hours:

Monday: 4pm-8pm (Open Skate)

Friday: 4pm-8pm (Open Skate)

Sunday: 12pm-2pm (Beginner Session) 2pm-8pm (Open Skate)

The Drop-In hours operate based on donations at the door. We recommend $5 for youth and $7 for adults (22+).   

Special Sessions

 Second Wednesday of the Month: Study & Skate!

Come in from 3:30-4:30 and work on homework or projects and skate for free from 4:30-5:30! (You must be here by at least 3:45 to qualify for skate time) 

Second & Fourth Thursday of the Month: Adult Skate!

"All kids out of the pool" This is skate time reserved for skaters 25 and older and runs from 4pm-8pm. General Drop-in rates apply. 

First & Third Thursday of the Month: Ladies Night! 

"No boys allowed" This is skate time reserved for girls who shred and runs from 4pm-8pm. General Drop-in rates apply. 

We have worked very hard to open Tacoma's Only Indoor Skate Park! Up-cycling pallets and un-used material, our park is constantly changing and evolving to suit our community's needs. Our drop-in hours operate on a suggested donation. We recommend $5 for Youth and $7 for Adults (22+) but as a non-profit we never turn any skater away if they cannot afford to make a donation. Your donations help us keep our park open as well as fund the many other programs and offerings that we provide at Alchemy. The skatepark is also available for private rentals, to learn more, click here!